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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Little Miss Sunshine


You are 4 months old today and so incredibly sweet! You are full of smiles whenever you see me or your big sisters. Your therapist was so impressed today with your new range of motion. You keep surprising everyone!! You also rolled over the other day, from your back to your stomach!!!! Your other new thing is trying to do crunches when you are on your back! It's pretty cute.

You had your 4 month old well child check today. Unfortunately you are not gaining weight like you should be. You were in the 37th percentile at your 2 month appt and you are in the 8th percentile now. We are starting to supplement with formula after you nurse. We are using the formula that is thickened with rice starch and as a side benefit it seems to help your spitting up. We will go back in two weeks to get a weight check and go from there.
Next up other than that is picking up your contacts in about a week! Lets hope I catch on quick.

May is almost here! Its going to be a great month. We have our Frio trip at the end of the month and I am so looking forward to it. We could all use some rest and relaxation around here.

Your letters will be getting a new look in the next day or two! It's super cute but really how could anything with your picture on it not be!?!

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