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Friday, April 16, 2010

I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir, because I'm not myself you see. ~ Alice "Alice in Wonderland"

Dear Marley,

It's been raining for a few days and my mood matches the sky. No real reason to speak of . When I stop and think about it there is no real reason to be melancholy. You are doing excellent. You get cuter by the minute. I think I'm going to miss your pink glasses when we move on to contacts. Your eyes already look tiny now when you don't have them on.

Our Dallas trip to Scottish Rite was pretty pointless this time but it makes sense to keep going in case you need any help from them in the future. The big girls were pretty tired of being in the car but they were good over all. They both got their hair cut. The lady who cut Rory's hair was kind of ridiculous though. I think she thought Rory was 12 instead of 2. She must have told her to look down about 50 times. After being exceptionally compliant for about 20 minutes Rory turned around and told the lady " I no look down any more!" She's a funny kid. Hopefully your hair stays short for a long time. The thought of doing 3 girls hair makes me a little crazy.

We had a fun day today. You had Occupational Therapy this morning. Ms. Amanda sure does love you. You weren't too happy with her today though. You didn't seem to be in pain just annoyed to be woken up from your morning nap.

After OT we all went to Ms. Becca's house to play. Your big sisters had a blast jumping in the bouncy house and playing princess. I can't wait till you are big enough to mix it up with Leah and Zeke. They will definently need a 3rd partner in crime!

Not sure if I mentioned it before but some of your blood tests came back with elevated liver enzymes. They think it might be a reaction to the medicine you take for reflux so we are going to take you off of it for awhile and then recheck your enzyme levels. Hopefully your reflux has gotten better and it won't cause you any pain to take you off the meds.

There are so many decisions to make for you on a daily basis and I have no idea if I'm making the right ones or not. I guess only time will tell. Meanwhile I am going to enjoy every second of your babyhood.. It's already flying by too fast.

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  1. I swear Rory is another Autumn...I could so hear Autumn saying that to the hairdresser:)